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What to Bring

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Remember that your program is six weeks long and that you don’t need to pack too much. This will give you enough room to buy gifts and souvenirs when you return home.
Most airlines allow one of the following options.

  • One free checked bag of 23 Kg (50 lbs.), a carry-on, and a personal item like a bag pack or a handbag

  • Two free checked bags of 23 Kg (50 lbs.) each, a carry-on, and a personal item like a bag pack or a handbag 

NB: Check with your airline. Excess luggage and additional bags can be very costly to ship home, so bear that in mind before packing.
Ensure to have in your carry-on, and preferably in your handbag at all times with you, your passport, Your DS-2019, Your flight information, your prescription medicine in case you need to take them. Pack additional prescription medicine for two months in original bottles in your checked luggage.  You can get medication here, but it is easier to bring them with you. If you wear contact lenses, be sure to bring enough for the entire stay. Don’t forget your eyeglasses. Pack all valuable items like laptops, cameras, cell phones, etc., in your carry-on and not in your checked luggage.
As part of the program, you will receive a cell phone to use in the United States and a laptop (Chromebook)

  • However, you will have to return both the cell phone and the Chromebook to us at the end of the program. 

Bring at least one formal attire like a suit or tie/jacket for men, a dress/slack suit for women, etc. We will have many formal events and visit places where you want to look your best: welcome ceremony, certificate ceremony, visits to the statehouse, etc.
Most of the time, for classes and other events, a casual outfit will do: T-shirts, shirts, blouses, pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, etc.
Don’t forget your ethnic dress to wear during cultural events and presentations to classes in public schools and here on campus.
You might want to bring raincoats too, as it often rains in the fall season.

For those coming in the winter, Ohio can be very cold and snowy. Bring warm clothes (coat, jacket, scarf, gloves, boots, etc.) You can also wait until you arrive here, and we will drive you to stores where you can buy cheap winter coats, jackets, and snow boots. 
You will need at least a pair of dress shoes and casual ones. Make sure to wear shoes that are comfortable to walk with. Don't forget the snow boots. It can be slippery to use regular shoes during winter.

Gifts and Photos:

Bring a few artifacts representing your culture; small gifts to share are appropriate – Handmade items and items depicting your culture are excellent choices. Bring digital photos of your home and families, your school, your students, etc., to share with your new friends. 

Checked Bag
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